What You Need To Know About Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

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Services Cycle Service | For Sale Hilliard

Services Cycle Service | For Sale Hilliard

Riding a bicycle is a great, fun exercise we often learn as kids. Traveling around through neighborhoods; zooming along on bike paths; and, taking a trip off road on a mountain bike can provide a fun experience and make exercising at the same time enjoyable. A bicycle is also an eco-friendly way to get around too! Just like with an other form of transportation, our bicycles need maintenance and repairs also to keep them working for a long time.

Cleaning Your Bicycle

Dust and grime can build up on your bike through even the most gentle use or non use. To maintain the longevity, ensure the frame is in good shape and not becoming corroded. Washing your bike is simple with just some soapy water and a soft nylon brush. Scrub the areas that are accumulating dirt and grime and be sure to rinse it well. A power washer is too extreme to clean your bike; but, a traditional garden hose would work fine for rinsing the dirt and soap off the bike.

Bicycle For Sale By Owner | For Sale Hilliard

Bicycle For Sale By Owner | For Sale Hilliard

Bicycle Tire Pressure

Just like with a car, keeping your bicycle’s tire pressure to the proper inflation will help ensure even wear and increase the life of the tire. Too high of pressure may lead to a blow out while riding which could be extremely dangerous. While too low tire pressure puts extra stress on the bike and your body to keep it moving. Your local community cycle service provider can help you find the ideal tire pressure for your specific bike and tires.

Keep Your Bicycle Lubed Up

Like oil in any automobile, lubrication is key to keeping a bike running smoothly. To help keep the chain from falling off the crank it is important to keep the appropriate lubricant applied to your chain. Depending on the bike, riding conditions, and, the climate of where you will be riding, will depend on the type of lubricant you should use. Your local community cycle service shop will help guide you to the right choice. Make sure you use the right kind of lube for your usage.

Bicycle Parts For Sale By Owner | For Sale Hilliard

Bicycle Parts For Sale By Owner | For Sale Hilliard

Bicycle Nuts and Bolts

Vibrations, potholes, hills, and, a variety of other things may make some of your bike parts come loose over time. Always insure that all of your nuts and bolts are secured to the proper torque specifications, so things run smoothly. Serious injury can could occur if the bike were to break while riding. Having a specialist look over your cycle every few months or during specific heavy use seasons, is highly recommended.

Don’t Leave Your Seat Behind!

We all have a favorite spot on the couch or chair we prefer to sit in. The seat of your bicycle should be one, too. You will want to be comfortable as you ride since this is the position you manage the entire riding experience. It is important to make sure that you do not cause yourself any health issues to your back or other body parts with an uncomfortable seat. Adjust the height to your desired specifications based on your use and technique. If you experience any discomfort while riding, check to make sure the seat is in a comfortable position for you.

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