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Community Rants and Raves | For Sale Hilliard

Community Rants and Raves | For Sale Hilliard

Social media provides a great resource for people to keep in touch; update others on their lifestyles; and, in a growing fashion, vent about everything. These “rants and raves” can be about anything. From politics to fashion to companies to friends, no subject matter is safe.

Most people say that they hope their local community rants and raves pages are shared; and, that their venting helps influence other people. They aren’t just letting off steam by sending their opinions off into the world wide web.

Can Ranting and Raving Online Change People’s Minds?

Out of people who go online, there is a hierarchy of influence these rants and raves can have on people. This is made up of whether or not these opinions would influence others to change their minds or not. Most people say that negative opinions about certain subjects and written by their close friends or family, would influence them to also feel negatively. These same people also said that newspaper and magazine reviews would leave them with an indifferent opinion; and, these formats would not necessarily change their opinions one way or another. Most people said that reviews they found on message boards or blogs, would have very little to no effect whatsoever on their choices.

Younger adults said their friends opinions and view points on social media will more then likely effect their view points and opinions. Whereas, older generations said they would be indifferent and create their own opinions.

A great place to vent is For Sale Hilliard, a local community classified site, that offers a resource for people rant and rave!