Choosing a Pet Sitter

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Community Pets | For Sale Hilliard

Leaving your pet to the care of someone else is stressful for you and your pet. This may make you reluctant to ever leave town without your pet or feel like no one can provide as much love and care as you do. How do you find a pet sitter in your local area who will provide the care and love your pet deserves?

Pet Sitter Referrals

Ask around. Neighbors, co-workers, and, friends might have people they use when they need a pet sitter. Pet groomers, supply stores, and, veterinary clinics also can provide recommendations.

A good pet sitter should be willing to answer some questions, when you call, about the care they will provide your pet.

Questions To Ask Your Local Pet Sitter

  • What pets do you have?
  • What motivated you to become a pet sitter?
  • Have you been in business or pet sitting for a long time?
  • Insured and bonded?
  • Are you certified in pet CPR?
  • How much time do you spend with the pets when you stop by the home?
  • What do you do if there is an accident or my pet becomes ill?
  • While I’m gone, will you be the only person looking in on my pet?
  • In case you get called out of town for an emergency, what is you backup plan?
  • References?

Your pet and you will want good answers to these questions to be able to determine if this sitter will be a right fit. Additional questions that are important or specific to the care of your pet should be asked at this time, also.

Verify the references. Check with them to see how their experience was with the pet sitter that they were a reference to. Ask if they had any concerns with the care of their pet and how long the pet was under the sitter’s care.

Sit … Down With Your Pet Sitter

At the point you decide on the sitter, it is important that you have them come to your home to meet you and the pet.

  • Did they show up on time or at least advise you they were running behind?
  • How does the pet and the sitter get along?
  • Are they both comfortable around each other?
  • Does the sitter seem interested in your pet and their routine or are they rushed to get out of there?

Research and time go into finding the right pet sitter for you and your pet. Do not rush the process. All of your work will pay off with a happy pet and a happy you!

Looking to find a pet sitter or do you offer pet sitting? For Sale Hilliard is a local community classified site that offers listings and reviews for pet sitting.