Starting A Local Artist Group

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Creating a local artist group is a great idea! It can allow for the promotion of local artists, authors, musicians, actors, et al. The local community can gain exposure and support at the same time, too. Many local artists sell their products in the community or at small businesses through out.

How do you setup a local community artist group?

Finding a small group of artists who are passionate about promoting the arts, is the best place to start. Whether you have a small handful of artists interested or dozens, you want to make a core group of motivated artists. Although, it would be great to have a bunch of “movers and shakers” from the art scene with deep pockets to get you going; but, this isn’t necessary to get started. The artists behind the art will be the most important part for networking and growing the awareness of their art.

Local Events and Shows

Don’t forget about how important local events and other groups can be to growing your group. Local promoters and sponsors for music festivals, shows at nightclubs, and, other art displays can help you grow with their network and events. Creating lists and calendars with these events will help your group see what others are doing and participate, as well. This is mutually beneficial for everyone looking to promote their forms of art. It will also help increase exposure and excitement around these events and shows.

Keeping The Group Communicating

Communication and an online presence is key! Email lists, text messaging, a group website, and, other reminders will help keep everyone informed and on the same page. There are lots of free resources online and, even, smartphone apps that can help you with this. With a sense of community and belonging, each artist can work together to coordinate events and shows that will bring art lovers and tourists out to see their art displays. More people coming to events and shows equals more money for artists and performers. More money equals more time to create and focus on new art!

The Show Must Go On

No show or event is too small! Even small local community events will help local businesses and artists grow together! A growing community of businesses and artists, that sees the positives created by these events and shows, can continue to grow and support each other. To get your local artist group going, getting the entire community involved is just as important as getting the artists on board!

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