How To Volunteer In Your Community

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Community Local Volunteer | For Sale Hilliard

Community Local Volunteer | For Sale Hilliard

There are many good things that come from being a volunteer. If you are well established in your community or new to the city, volunteering is a great way to meet new people. The key to being a local community volunteer, is to find what fits you best. There are a variety of options and organizations that could use your help.

Mentoring Youth

The number of children in after school programs keeps growing. This is due in part to two full jobs becoming necessary for more and more parents to make ends meet. Local community youth mentoring volunteers provide a safe place for local youth to grow and learn. Background checks are often required as a screening process for volunteers. Youth mentoring may include lending an ear to listen, reading to children, and, helping kids with their schoolwork.

Lend A Helping Hand To The Elderly

Besides children, older generations and the elderly could also use assistance and a friend. Assisted living and nursing homes often have volunteers assist with their residents. Watching television, playing games, reading books, or, just simply sitting and talking with the residents can greatly help both parties feel the compassion of a friendship. Reach out to your local community nursing homes or your local community senior center to start researching opportunities.

Assisting The Less Fortunate

Across the US and other countries, there are always others that are in need of assistance. Economic conditions have increased the amount of people in need. There are numbers of ways to help from cooking, delivering hot meals, collecting clothes, and, much more. Helping to get people back on their feet is a rewarding feeling; and, there are a multitude of companies around the country that you can volunteer with. Do some research and figure out what company would be the best fit for your availability and skills.

Brighten Someone’s Day

We have all had to stay in the hospital or had someone close to us spend an extended period of time there. It can be very lonely and isolating stuck in a bed or a room with little to no contact with the outside world or even the ability to get outside. You can help diminish the feelings of loneliness and lift someone’s spirits by volunteering your time and spending an hour with them. Reach out to your local community hospital to find the correct department and procedures to get started.

Be realistic with your time and don’t over extend yourself. If you only have an hour to volunteer in your local community every couple of weeks, that is great! Being realistic as to what you can do will help optimize everyone’s time, so your time volunteering is efficient and effective for everyone.

There are numerous organizations that can use your help. Search your local community classifieds, like For Sale Hilliard, to find opportunities or share ones that you know need help.

Is Rideshare The Best Possible Mode of Transportation?

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Community Rideshare | For Sale Hilliard

Community Rideshare | For Sale Hilliard

Car pool, car share, and, lift share are often referred to as rideshare. There are newer rideshare platforms, like Uber and Lyft, that are becoming more popular. There is a set agreement between the passenger and rider as to where they are going and the amount of the ride.

Local Community Ridesharing Is Not A New Idea

These are not new services. They have been around for a very long time; but, with the advances in technology, they are increasing in availability and use. There are benefits for local community ridesharing. Less cars on the road can lead to less traffic jams and fewer emissions being released. In addition, other benefits are decreasing the dependency on oil and other natural resources; saving money; less parking spots needed; improve relationships with the people who ride together frequently; and, much more. Often people will use a rideshare service to get home from a night on the town; but, these services are often used to get back and forth to the airport, work, special events, school, and, even routine trips to the store.

Health Benefits For Local Community Ridesharing

Rideshares aren’t only cars. Vans, trucks, buses, and, trains can all be ridesharing modes of transportation. This offers an increase in mobility to the local community and general public. There are even studies being conducted that are showing people who travel with their friends and co-workers are allot healthier then those that travel alone. Increased blood pressure, faster heart rates, brief memory loss, and, an over all feeling of increased stressed have been shown in people who drive alone dealing with the tension of travel.

We all have been in traffic jams before. This can lead to lower morale, less productivity, and, slower delivery of services and good. With more and more people using local community rideshare services, there is less and less traffic. Which can lead to happier, less stressed co-workers, friends, and, family. It is estimated that ridesharing is taking four cars off the road for every one rideshare driver in larger cities.

The local community online classified site, For Sale Hilliard, is your one stop place to find a rideshare or offer the service to others!

Good Places To Vent – Rants and Raves

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Community Rants and Raves | For Sale Hilliard

Community Rants and Raves | For Sale Hilliard

Social media provides a great resource for people to keep in touch; update others on their lifestyles; and, in a growing fashion, vent about everything. These “rants and raves” can be about anything. From politics to fashion to companies to friends, no subject matter is safe.

Most people say that they hope their local community rants and raves pages are shared; and, that their venting helps influence other people. They aren’t just letting off steam by sending their opinions off into the world wide web.

Can Ranting and Raving Online Change People’s Minds?

Out of people who go online, there is a hierarchy of influence these rants and raves can have on people. This is made up of whether or not these opinions would influence others to change their minds or not. Most people say that negative opinions about certain subjects and written by their close friends or family, would influence them to also feel negatively. These same people also said that newspaper and magazine reviews would leave them with an indifferent opinion; and, these formats would not necessarily change their opinions one way or another. Most people said that reviews they found on message boards or blogs, would have very little to no effect whatsoever on their choices.

Younger adults said their friends opinions and view points on social media will more then likely effect their view points and opinions. Whereas, older generations said they would be indifferent and create their own opinions.

A great place to vent is For Sale Hilliard, a local community classified site, that offers a resource for people rant and rave!